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Several times a year the OCSMR goes out into the community to share the hobby.  Depending on the size of the venue, the OCSMR will bring  large, medium, or small operating layouts for display.  Additionally throughout the year, members of the OCSMR will loan their trains for static displays as well.  To read and see how the OCSMR shares this hobby with the community, please read the links below. Asbury Park Press: Train Show at the O.C. Historical Society Abury Park Press: Photos from Historical Society


We are located at...
Lakewood Historical Museum
500 Country Club Drive
Lakewood Pine Park
Lakewood, NJ 08701

Tel 732-363-7799
A 501c3 Non-Profit Organization

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The Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders

Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders The Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders is looking to expand our “HO and “O” membership.  We have been around since 1987 and we have 2 large permanent layouts at our layouts at our location in Lakewood, New Jersey. If you are new to model railroading or have been active in the past, please stop by and see how we operate.  Many of you have moved here from other areas and are looking for something to occupy your time.  Perhaps you had a layout in your former home, but no longer have the room in your new home.  By joining The OCSMR, you can stay active in the hobby without taking up room in your home. We meet every Tuesday and Friday evenings at 6:30pm until 10:00pm.  Our location is in the basement of the Lakewood Historical Museum, 500 Country Club Drive, Lakewood Pine Park, Lakewood, NJ 08701. Follow the signs for the Lakewood Historical Museum once you turn into Pine Park. Dues are $20.00 per month with an initiation fee of $25.00 and includes a name tag. Also, you can pre-pay 6 month dues twice per year for $110, a savings of $20 which are due by Feb.28 and July 31. Our club has is two operating layouts, an “HO” scale layout and an “O” gauge layout.  The “HO” is DCC controlled using NCE operating system. It is currently set up so that multiple trains can run continuously. The “O” gauge layout is a three rail operation using conventional transformer controls as well as the Lionel Legacy And Trainmaster Command Control Systems and MTH DCS- Digital Command System. The O gauge set up permits you to operate any 3 rail trains from 1900 to present with a transformer handle, a cab-1, a cab-2, a MTH remote commander and a DCS remote. Any of the 4 remotes enable you to have walk-around operation of your trains on our layout. The layout is a work in progress - And we have need of individuals with various skills, from track work to scenery, carpentry to wiring.  If you have these skills, come on down!  If you do not have these skills, we will teach you! We have several hundred feet of main line as well as many siding and passing tracks. The club owns the layouts and power supplies.  You bring your own trains.  Or you can run one of the club trains. Several of our members have operating “G” Gauge layouts in their yards and this is an area that the club is exploring as a future endeavor. We encourage folks to visit our layouts if you live in the area or are traveling through the New Jersey area. Some history about our train club, its move to Kuser hall and our joining the Lakewood Historical Society in Kuser Hall. The OCSMR club in Lakewood, New Jersey has finally made our move from All Saints Episcopal Church in Lakewood where we have been located there since 1992. We vacated the church basement completely on September 24, 2016. We are now located inside Pine Park in Kuser Hall next to Lakewood Country Club and Maggie's restaurant off of West County Line Road on the Lakewood/Jackson border. Our club www.ocsmr.com is a dual gauge club with HO and O gauge combined in one club. Last night was our first meeting in our new home as a club. A little history behind why we made the move. Since we were located in a basement of a church that has been around for close to 90 years and we had a small problem with the last, not the current pastor, it was time to look elsewhere for a more secure location. The Lakewood Historical Society was renovating an old boys school built in 1927 to locate their newly opened Lakewood museum and offered the entire basement to our club when they heard we had some issues with our past landlord. One of the folks on the historical committee was a past club member and a few folks on their committee actually have trains. When they offered the opportunity to us, we jumped on it. They had just signed a 50 year lease from the town for $1.00 with a 25 year extension as they were recreating the archives of Lakewood under one roof when Lakewood was a resort town back in the early 1900's. The museum has priceless memories in 10 gallery rooms that were used at one time as classrooms. Kuser Hall is 1 of 5 buildings that was left untouched which was the science and physics school building. Lakewood tore down the other 4 buildings many years ago but left this one alone. It would have cost them too much money to tear it down. It is built like a fortress with poured concrete walls and bricked ceilings. The move did come with costs involved to our club. We had to fully renovate a basement of a school built in the1920's that ceased operation in the 1960's. No one has actively used the basement in 50 years and the historical society did the same renovations to the upstairs and outside which cost them plenty. Any building built back in those days were made of poured concrete walls and built to withstand any rumblings from God!! All I can say it was a task that started 2 years ago for us with the result now that we have partially operating layouts. We are still in the midst of unpacking and sorting through 24 years worth of stuff. So... we have a nice association with the historical society. When they have their open houses, we will do the same. It is a marriage made that benefits both and we are extremely happy to be associated with the Lakewood Historical Society. Very nice folks to share the building with!!! So our club will continue to be known as the Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders. Check our website and facebook page for updates, what we started out with at Kuser Hall and where we are at now. Please call (732)363-7799 for club information or visit our website- http://www.oscmr.com
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